Is This A Tractor Or A Boat?

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

What you are about to witness in this video is an extra ordinary vehicle that will make you confuse whether this vehicle is a tractor or a boat? Well, the answer is both. This amphibious tractor was created by a Greek company Paoris. The idea of this amphibious tractor came from their customer’s slogan “To Plow The Sea”. This amphibious vehicle is driven with four large boat propellers with 150 horsepower and floats the four metal sealed tanks with speed reaching 8 to 10 miles. In fact, the vehicle managed to travel the sea from Oropos to Eretria of Greece. It was a challenge for them indeed but the result was very overwhelming and absolutely one of a kind masterpiece.

Unbelievable. Want another video like that? Check out the one below.