Is The 1100HP Switzer GTR The Ultimate Street Daily Driver Car? Some Say YES

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Let us get real here… A 1000+horsepower car is not normally a car that is made for daily driving. Sure they are fast, and in the right setting, a whole lot of fun, but super powerful cars are not convenient or even all that comfortable. Well buddy, that has all changed for the Switzer Ultimate Street GTR is here and although is loaded with 1000+ horsepower it can serve you well as a daily commuter too. Its zero to 60mph time is 2.5 seconds, its ¼ mile time is 9.4 seconds at 150 mph, and its standing mile speed is a blistering 208 mph. The Switzer is SWEET!


That was nuts. Wait until you see the next video below.