In Honor Of The WWII Pilots Of The Legendary Hellcat Fighter Planes Dodge Created The Most Powerful Production Muscle Car Ever Built, The HellcatX!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor the American Military needed an aircraft that could go up against the powerful Japanese Zero’s. As a result Grunman created an amazing experimental turbocharged/supercharged Hellcat X in record time and it was faster and more powerful than the Japanese fighter planes! The Hellcats turned the tide for the war in the Pacific and proved that American power can not be matched. In honor of the WWII heroes that flew the hellcats Dodge created the most powerful production muscle car ever built, The HellcatX! The monstrous vehicle produces 800Hp and a true example of American power! Click the video below to get the full overlook of this mighty muscle!

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