Guy Martin and Michael Dunlop Battle at Ulster GP

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Guy Martin and Michael Dunlop swapped paint all race long at the 2012 Ulster GP. The fastest road race on the planet always provides breathtaking overtakes and close racing. The front straight away, also known as ‘The Flying Kilo’, is prime for slipstreaming and allows riders to stay close to someone who may be a bit faster than them. In this instance, Martin and Dunlop had completely broken away from the rest of the field. They engaged in a battle of their own, pushing each other to the absolute limit, and eventually Dunlop was pushed too far. He tucked the front end going into the slowest corner on the circuit. Martin went on to win the race and add to his astounding record at the Ulster.

That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!