Glittery Gold Custom Built Harley Davidson Road King Is Absolutely A SHOWSTOPPER In SEMA 2015

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

SEMA is definitely one of the highly anticipated car expo that gathers all car enthisuasts from different part of the world. This event will not just showcase those newly unveiled cars but also those insane custom-built vehicles and trucks. Motorcycles are also a common sight in this event and in this video, we are about to witness an insane custom built 2009 Harley Davidson Road King on display. This crazy built has drawn the crowd’s attention during the event because of its unique design. It has a glittery gold finish with 70’s inspired patterns all over its body. Not to mention the fabricated rosary that runs down the gas tank. What a showstopper indeed! Take a closer look at this insane custom built motorcycle below!

Unbelievable. Want another video like that? Check out the one below.