Get A Look At The Safe, Fun And Innovative Ripchair 2.0 By Howe&Howe Tech!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

When it comes to the Howe brothers you can only expect the best engineering. In this video we get a look at yet another one of Howe and Howe technologies amazing creations that make it so any off road enthusiast no matter their abilities will be able to enjoy the fun of being off road. The Ripchair 2.0 is a tracked wheelchair that allows people with limited use of their legs to strap in and enjoy the roads and terrain just like anyone else! In this video we get a first hand look at how the Ripchair 2.0 is capable of conquering all obstacles. It is definitely safe to say that the Howe brothers never fail to go out of their way to create the best, safest and funnest off road vehicles for everyone. Click below to check out the Ripchair 2.0!

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