Get A Look At The Highly Controversial Devel Sixteen Super Car That Is Said To Produce 5500HP!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

There is always lots of hype about the SEMA and Tokyo motor Shows, but this year in Dubai they had one incredible concept vehicle that stole the attention of everyone attending. The Devel Sixteen is supposedly a super car that has 5500HP! The Devel looks like your average intense super car, but it’s stats are unlike anything we have witnessed before. Many people are skeptical on the validity of the cars stats, but they say the V16 engine is capable of incredible power going from 0-60 in just under two seconds! It’s highest speeds have said to be marked at 348mph which if true would absolutely annihilate anyone on the strip! What do you think about the Devel Sixteen? Do you think it’s stats are true? Click the video below to get a look at the Devel Sixteen!

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