Get a Glimpse And Earful Of This Powerful Flame Throwing Porsche 918 Spyder!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Turn up your speakers and prepare your eyes to witness this badass Porsche 918 Spyder showing off it’s sheer power and wickedness. In this clip we watch as this Spyder revs up it’s engine and produces mesmerizing flames from it’s exhaust pipes. This convertible comes with a 4.6 liter V8 hybrid engine that runs on premium unleaded fuel. Moreover, it is capable of delivering 885+ horsepower @ 8500 RPM and its maximum torque is 940+ ft/lbs @ 800 RPM. This wicked vehicle is capable of reaching speed of 200mph and absolutely kills it on the road! Click the video below to get a ear full of this extraordinary vehicle!

That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!