These Geniuses Fool The Cops Into Thinking They’re Drug Dealers

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Internet is overrun by by fake pranksters, who might often have a great idea but lack the daring to practice their comedy in genuine situations with real people.

These guys are the real thing. They had the idea, the acting talent and, what’s the most important, the guts to prank a couple of on-duty officers by implying they have “a bunch of” drugs in the trunk. Turns out, they don’t. Although, technically, they weren’t lying. But officers had to cuff them first before figuring that out for themselves.

The pranksters were lucky to run into some pretty cool cops who didn’t arrest them for obstruction of justice. One cop was so impressed by the prank he actually called them ‘geniuses’.

Wait. What!? Check out the below video for more crazyness!