Ferrari F430 Crashed Into Four Times By Old Man In A VW Golf

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Do you know how much the paint job of the Ferrari F430 costs? $30,000. And this is why this crazy video is extra sad. Click play and watch an old man back his VW Golf into the front of a parked Ferrari F430 four times in a row. This slaughter of a supercar’s front end is sad, sad, sad. Oh, and making it even worse is the fact that the driver of the VW simply drives away after crashing into the Italian supercar again and again and also that the Ferrari’s car alarm is blaring. Oh, and the street is loaded with witnesses. Authorities have yet to comment on the rumor that it was Bill Clinton behind the wheel of the VW Golf.


Unbelievable. Want another video like that? Check out the one below.