Feast Your Eyes On This Incredible Luxury Yacht Known As The Xhibitionist!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Get ready to feast your eyes on the Xhibitionist! Grey Design has recently developed a one of a kind luxury yacht that is truly incredible all the way from the nose of the boat to the rear. This boat is meant for those people who love to live life big. This yacht is capable of holding and hosting some amazing celebrations and parties on the sea. it also comes with a different auto geared up with a car powered by twin turbo V12 engine that offers 800HP! The yacht itself is capable of 14,000 HP and is capable of attaining fifty knots due to the twin MTU 16V0000 engine and the KaMeWa boosters produced through Rolls Royce. To get a full look at this luxurious yacht click the video below!

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