Electric Tesla Stand Stand No Chance Against This E63 AMG!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

It is an untold truth that the future of automotive industry relies on electric power. One of the first electric supercars, Tesla S P85, challenges a E63 Bi Turbo AMG. Just for the record, AMG’s engine produces over 650 horsepower! Even if Tesla’s project is promising, this Benz is impressive. Tesla had a false start, but Benz still won. Despite the fact that AMG has street tires, the performance is stunning! Holy cow! 11.11 is close enough to the 10-second range! Let’s face it; Benz is simply out of this world! Looking on the bright side, Tesla produces zero CO2 emissions, less heat and instant torque! There is no doubt that the future Tesla’s projects will be discussed!

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