Drunk Woman Stops Her Car To Pee In the Middle Of the I-15 Freeway In San Diego and Refuses To Move Afterwards

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Don’t drink and drive, because it’s dangerous to drive on a full bladder. Sooner or later, the urine might overflow and start leaking into your brain, interfering with your mental process. It won’t be long until you’ll start getting some pretty dumb ideas, only you’ll think they’re genius. That’s the first sign of retardation.

Take this lady for an example.

She actually stopped her car in the middle of I-15 freeway in San Diego, opened the door, went out,  squatted and relieved herself right then and there. And that was just the beginning of the drama that includes several near-misses, as other vehicles try to maneuver around her car that occupies the middle lane.

So don’t drink and drive, people!

That was really over the top. What do you think of this next video?