This Driver Should Just Drive Automatic… FOREVER

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

This is why we can’t have nice things! Well, you have to know how to drive if you want to go fast! Better luck next time Mustang. Although this GT500 that is more than prepared to keep up with a Ford Lightning it is racing, it doesn’t even get close. The man for some reason thinks that the less traction he has, the better odds he has of winning. You will have to watch and see because this dude needs some serious driver mod! RWD dig racing isn’t the easiest but it’s definitely not too difficult to just let off a gas and get some traction. We have seen a few videos lately where people just stay in it to win it and end up taking their car race cars off roading. This is the perfect example of a car mismatch. Maybe he should switch to something AWD…. or the Pruis This probably isn’t his first fail, judging by the GT500 missing its front bumper!

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