Driver Improvises And Saves An 18-Wheeler Stuck In The Mud

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

When you are in the middle of a road with an 18-wheeler truck stuck in the mud, you have no choice but to improvise and use what you’ve got just to get out from the ditch. And that’s exactly what this driver did as he made use of a forklift carried in the back of the truck to get it out from the mud. Definitely a clever idea and a job well done for the driver. Not only that, this video also shows us the good side of the cops of the US. It’s really nice to see cops like this one below which is both helpful and kind, hats off to you Sir! Now who needs a tow truck when you have a forklift and a good cop around? No one sure does! Check it out too with the video below.

That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!