How To Dodge DUI Checkpoints Without Speaking To Police

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Did you know it’s possible to legally dodge DUI checkpoints without saying a single word?

Three constitutional rights activists proved it’s possible to invoke a Fourth amendment rights using a ziplock bag, a flyer and a piece of string at a Florida DUI checkpoint. The police had to allow the driver to pass through without rolling down his window. A ziplock bag contains a “Fair DUI Flyer” that reads: “I remain silent, no searches and I want my lawyer” and lists state laws, with driver’s license, insurance and registration also in full display.

Warren Redlich, a Florida criminal defence attorney, created the flyer because he “was tired of defending people who were wrongfully arrested after going through checkpoints”, CBS News reported.

Law enforcement officers’ used their internet forum Leo Affairs to exchange opinions on this matter, showing some of them are less than happy with people knowing and protecting their constitutional rights, while others support the opposition to DUI checkpoints:

“Yep, just watched it again, nothing you could really do. This clown knows his rights alright :-(”

“Have to admit, anyone with this setup has got me, I’m not going to violate anyone’s rights on camera.”

“Good, I use to hate doing these, this guy is right, I do believe they are unconstitutional, and a pain. It’s almost like being a Nazi!”

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