Difference Between Racing Mini-Cars and NASCAR Vehicles

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

In this special episode of Americarna, Ray surprises his friend Jeff Gordon, a well-known professional Stock Car race driver in NASCAR by showing showing off the first ever car he uses to race and it’s a midget! Interestingly, before making it through the NASCAR series, Gordon actually started racing quarter midgets or mini cars and he started at the age of five which is really impressive to hear. In this episode, he is about to explain the difference between racing a midget and racing a stock car. In Midget cars, you have to drive them on the muddy truck trying to get some moisture from it since that’s the way you can get a good grip and you really need to go in full speed to win contrary to stock cars which is more strict and you have so many gauges to monitor! Check more of the detailed comparison directly from Jeff Gordon in this video!

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