Custom Tuned 6000HP Of Lamborghinis Lay It All Out On The Half Mile Drag Strip!     

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

What is the quickest way to get 6000 horsepower out of your Lamborghini at the local drag racing track? That’s right, get two 3000-horsepower Lambos and bring them both to the drag racing strip. That is what the dude in this video did. He brought both of his Lambos, a black one and a blue one, that had been tuned by Heffner Performance and OB Prestige to the half-mile drag racing strip at Shift S3ctor in Coalinga, CA. While I will not spoil the ending by giving any numbers, I will let you know that the two 3000hp Lamborghinis did very well at the drag racing track. Very well!    


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