Out Of Control Hyundai Comes Close To A Bad Crash

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Well, medium to high-speed near-misses take place outside city limits, though this time, a dashcam was on duty when the Solaris decided to cause trouble for incoming traffic. Well, right off the bat, it’s winter, the road is slippery and the lanes are crowded and the vehicles don’t seem to be going particularly slow, or at least not as slow as they should in those types of conditions. Even 37 mph can be too much under these circumstances. Well, it just so happens that these circumstances involved another vehicle coming towards the dashcam car completely out of control and for a second there, and it looked like that collision was simply meant to be. It’s hard to say why this driver of the Hyundai lost control in a first place, but even though we can’t know for sure what happened to it once it was out of the dashcam’s field of vision, well, we can deduce that it might have clipped at least one car, if ever so slightly.


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