Chinese Man Creates Own Lamborghini Out Of Scrap Irons And An Old Van!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Who doesn’t want to own a supercar like a Lamborghini? Of course, most of us would love to have such impressive car but sad to say, these cars are too expensive and simply not affordable for many. I remember a video of a man sharing his own piece of advice on how to own a supercar but this will still take time to accomplish though. However, if you have the skills and creativity, you might want to take this Chinese man and his story as an inspiration.¬†Wang Jian from Jiangsu province, China, builds a Lamborghini Reventon from scrap irons and from a frame of an old Volkswagen van. He might be able to build a car with a slight similarities to an original Lamborghini but the performance has a huge difference and is not even close enough to Reventon’s V12 engine! We can commend him for his effort though!

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