Check Out The World’s Fastest Coffin Carrier

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

This may not be the best choice for a funeral service but this guy transformed this coffin carrier into a speed machine which is good enough to wow us all. Meet Arne Toman, a guy behind the world’s fastest hearse! There is no other hearse in the world built to this level of performance according to Toman. He decided to fit a 1996 Chevy Caprice with a 6L turbo charged engine which generates an astonishing 1000hp which helped him sent a new world record by covering a quarter mile in just 9.94 seconds at a speed of just 137mph. But then Arne is not yet satisfied with this so he is planning to break his own record eventually through his new forged engine and bigger turbo that is said to generate 1300hp. Now that is something we should all look forward to.

That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!