Check This Insane Performance Of A V12 Lamborghini Powered Motorcycle!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

For a guy who is more popularly know for producing various replicas of Porsche cars including the 550 Spyder , Carrera GTS and more, seeing him creating a motorocyle masterpiece is very rare. Chuck Beck showed up at a Caffeine and Octane event in Alphretta, Georgia to boast his new masterpiece, a V12 Lamborghini powered motorcycle. While it’s probably not the most driveable motorcycle ever made, it’s certainly a show stopper and very unique. Whether you are a bog fan of Motorcyle or not, this V12 Lamborghini Powered Motorcycle will surely get your attention not just because of its very unique appearance but also because of its tremendous performance!

Crazy!! Be sure to check the out next video below.