Check Out The Real Green Hornet’s Black Beauty In Action!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

If Batman has a Batmobile and Michael Knight has a KITT, then the Green Hornet has his own Black Beauty, a weapon enhanced car which helps him and Kato fight crime. Basically, the Black Beauty is a 1965 Imperial Crown sedan. There is only 2 Black Beauty ever made for the TV series. One is now displayed on a museum and the other one is fully restored and is now part of a private collection. Interestingly, AFICIONauto managed to find one of the screed-used car. The car has all the details including the stinger missiles at the lower rear and front bumpers and also the flame thrower on the front, and the two machine guns on the hood. It was truly a masterpiece and it is really nice how they preserved such iconic fictional car!

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