Check Out This Original 1967 Dodge Coronet and Charger Dealer Promo Film

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

After watching this video, I can say that with the span of 48 years, the way cars are being advertised on TV has drastically improved! What we are about to witness in this video is a rare and original 1967 Dodge Coronet and Charger Dealer promo film showcasing all the highlights and features of both cars. Instead of moving pictures or images, this advertisement is more like a slideshow with a voice over. It follows a story of a curious reporter Tom Jones and how he learned more about the new Dodge cars and their features. This may not be the greatest commercial we have seen but we’re pretty sure that for Dodge enthusiasts, discovering such old ad is more like discovering a great treasure. Watch the 10 minute promo film below and let us know what you think!

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