Check Out This Inspiring Story Of 1965 Chevrolet Chevy Malibu SS And Its Blind Owner

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

It is not everyday that you will see a blind guy who owns a car and knows every single details of his vehicle. In this very interesting episode of My Car Story, Lou Costabile features a sharp looking 1965 Chevrolet Chevy Malibu SS but what really makes it more interesting is the fact that it is owned by a totally blind guy Mike Delaney.  Mike lost his vision at 24 years old but that doesn’t stop him from doing and being engaged on what he truly loves and passionate about. He purchased this 1965 Chevrolet Chevy Malibu SS not in a very good shape and is partially restored and then Mike along with his buddies restore the car for good.  He even knows how to operate the car himself. Feel free to check more about this car and make sure to watch it til the very end and listen to Mike’s inspiring story.

That was pretty crazy. Wait until you see this next video below...