Chaos Unfolds As A Man Attempts To Pay His Parking Ticket In ALL Change!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

We all know how pesky parking violation tickets can be and you can tell that the guy in this video is pretty bitter about receiving his. We join a man on his journey as he goes to the bank, receives 50 dollars in 5 & 10 cent coin pieces and then continues to go to the center where he is due to pay his parking ticket. when the man further continues to pay for his ticket you can see the pure shock on the woman’s face as he dumps hundreds of coins on her desk. Immediately she explains how they cannot except his form of payment and from there things get intense. Once this video is over you are sure to laughing out of your seat! Click the video below to watch the chaos unfold!

Wait. What!? Check out the below video for more crazyness!