Changing A Tire Will Be A Breeze Now Thanks To This Awesome Tire Jack Hack!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Most have us have has the displeasure of needing to change out our tire after either a blow out of flat. One of the worst parts about changing a tre is trying to get the old car jack to lift the car efficient, but that is no longer an issue thanks to this video! the guy in this video shows us how to use a strong tool made from aircraft grade aluminum. Using this adapter tool to replace the hard to use hook and lever systems helps eliminate the frustration when you are faced with the issue of changing your tire. Once the tool is put under your car you can use any wrench, socket or for best results any power drill to turn the “bolt head.” This lets you lift a car in a few seconds with very little effort. To see it in action and how to do it yourself click the video below!

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