This Car Can Move Sideways and Rotate Around Its Axis!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Nope, this is not a CGI animated video! What you are about to see in this video might look surreal but it’s actually a real thing. This car can really move sideways and it can also rotate around its axis with no sign of ease at all. It doesn’t involve any driving skills either. The secret behind this are the special wheels attached to it created by William Liddiard. This wheel includes specially designed rims and tires. The rim plates includes free spin rollers mounted around the periphery of the rim plate while motorized spin rollers were installed on the rim hub (when activated, these rollers rotate the tire horizontally). The rubber tire is mounted on the rim. When all tires rotate on the same direction, the car moves sideways but when the front and rear tires move on opposite direction, the car rotates on its axis! This particular ability allows driver to park the car in a very limited space and with no ease at all. It is seemingly very fuel efficient too!

That was really over the top. What do you think of this next video?