Brett Cue And Kevin Windham Rip A Couple Two-Strokes

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Former AMA champion, Kevin Windham, and professional dirt bike badass, Brett Cue, take a pair of smokers out for a stylish day out at the track. It’s nearly impossible to find two riders with a more aesthetically pleasing form of riding than these two. K-Dub has been lauded for his smooth, effortless riding style since his early days of 250s. Cue is known for having some of the nastiest, upside down whips in the game and has made a living on his bike doing what he loves. Mix all the experience, technical ability, and pure passion for the craft together and it yields one of the best two-stroke videos to date. There’s nothing like the crisp sound of a CR500 winding up out of a corner or the ‘flickability’ of a CR250 coming into a berm. You can almost smell the smoke through the computer screen.

That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!