Brace Yourself For This Amazing Buick La Sabre Super Jump!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

HOLY CRAP! Is all you will be able to say after watching this insane video clip. Prepare to watch one incredible jump performed by a very unsuspecting vehicle, the Buick La sabre! As soon as the video starts this Buick flies across the screen like a shooting star! Even more amazing is the fact that it was able to stick the landing and drive off like a true champ. We only wish that we knew the speed this Buick took off at and the engine information so we could truly understand the power beneath this Buick’s hood. I guess we will just have to suspect and after watching this video you are sure to only suspect some incredible power! Click the video below to watch this Buick perform this incredible jump! You are sure to be impressed! Enjoy this video!

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