BMW I8 Vs. M4 Drag Race By Top Gear Is A Photo Finish

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

The BMW M4 is an amazing car. With a 424 HP twin-turbocharged inline-six, it is hard to believe that anything else can keep up, especially not the three-cylinder hybrid. The BMW i8 has half the cylinders of the M4 and less power (357 horsepower). Despite being down on power, the i8 has more torque (420 lb-ft) compared to the M4’s 406. Both cars have top speeds of 155 mph and both cars can hit 60 mph in almost exactly the same time. The BMW M4 hits 60 mph in 4.3, and the BMW i8 is just one tenth of a second behind at 4.4 seconds. You may not exactly cross shop these two vehicles, but their performance is remarkably similar. We have actually seen these cars line up before. But now Top Gear took them to the airstrip to see what they can do.

That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!