All-Billet Water-Jacketed 5″ Bore-Space Twin-Turbo Screams On The Dyno!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Many people do not understand the world outside of our regular ol’ car engines. There are breathtaking engines that produce power that would be unbelievable to a majority. In this video we check out one of those engines known at the All-Billet Water-Jacketed 5″ Bore-Space Twin-Turbo engine! Created by Steve Morris Engines for Tom Bailey’s SICK Seconds 2.0 Drag Week this engine is unlike anything around. It hits the dyno and sends a beastly sound that will get any gearhead off! To check out this wicked engine in full action click the video! This is one rev up you do not want to miss!

That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!