Biker Rides Wheelies With Police Right Behind Him!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

This video shows a daredevil biker riding wheelies, while he runs away from the police! His co-riders attempt to block the police, so they don’t pull over for the cops! What if there was a plot twist where the rider was actually stuck and didn’t know how to get down? Just kidding, this guy has skill! I think this rider has won the world record for longest wheelie during a police pursuit! As a last note policemen have to grow up! They lose energy, resources and valuable time chasing a sport motorcyclist who is fast enough to escape.  At the same time, wannabe riders want to mimic these acts, playing hide and seek with the police! Squids want to prove that they are good enough to do so, pushing the limits and eventually falling! Take their plates and leave them alone!

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