The Beast- Aka 2014 SRT Viper- Is Uncaged! Caution!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

This is another video of American muscle cars racing in a straight-line race. However, they have company! The modified 2014 SRT Viper and the Corvette C6 Z06 should prove that Nissan GTR is inferior in a drag race. Who’s gonna win, the American muscle or the imports? GTR hasn’t a dog’s chance of winning! American cars are built to win the day, every day! Corvette did great, but Viper is unstoppable! The huge, naturally aspirated engine gives loads of torque, while the well-designed Viper’s gear box is a game winner. It was designed to walk over other cars! Last but not least, the Viper has a great driver who shifts fast, enhancing the car’s performance! Well done dude!


Crazy!! Be sure to check the out next video below.