AWESOME Nitro Circus Travis Pastrana Action Figures Are Here! Gear Head Stunt Geeks Rejoice!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Somehow, Travis Pastrana is still alive. As are the members of his Nitro Circus crew to include Josh Sheehan, Erik Roner, Tyler Roberts, Thomas Pages, Trevor Jacob, Dusty Wygle, James Foster, Aaron “Crum” Sauvage, Gavin Godfrey, Tarah Gieger, Ethen Roberts, Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham, and Cody Stauder. And, all of these high flying people are available as action figures… Or are they???? Click play and find out the Travis Pastrana action figure reality. All I know for sure is the Nitro Circus is hardcore cray cray.    


Crazy!! Be sure to check the out next video below.