Apparently Summoning A Tesla Model S With Your Mind Is Entirely Possible

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

If you think this is the prank, check your calendar because April Fool’s already came and went without showing us anything that comes close to this in terms of how hard it is to believe. The guys over at Touch Titans obviously believe that having to use your hands to do something interactive is a little lame – kind of like those kids from a second Back to a Future movie who told a Marty that using your hands to play Wild Gunman was like the baby’s toy. Sure, taking something as simple as brain waves and calling it mind control is being a little overzealous. It’s not like you are summoning your inner Dr Strange or Dr Fate and the car simply bends to your will. Well, the way this works is through Touch Titans’ Emotiv Insight, which is the brain activity monitor that feeds into Tesla’s API tools, making inputs derived from brainwaves activate a features found in the American automaker’s official app. In theory, you can get a Model S P90D to tell you about the charging progress, to heat or cool a car before you get in, to flash its lights or honk in order for you to find it, unlock it, lock it and so on – you get the picture. However, what the video below is showing us is how Touch Titans used the brain activity monitor to activate the Summon feature, and this is definitely one of the best things about Tesla cars at the moment. The guys even gave Elon Musk the nudge on Twitter, letting him know what they’ve accomplished, but the Tesla owner has yet to reply.

Crazy!! Be sure to check the out next video below.