Only In Alabama: Driver Pulls Gun On Biker

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

This cell phone camera footage from Fultondale, AL. shows an SUV driver pointing a pistol at a motorcyclist who is recording their profanity-laced exchange after the driver break-checked the biker. Driver consequently lost his job and gun permit.

Here’s a transcript of the incident, but I advise you to play the video instead and tell us what you think about the whole thing. Is driver a coward, is the biker a suicidal lunatic? Or both?

Motorcyclist: You’re badass with a pistol!

Driver: Damn’ fu***** right, the skinny little boy is a fu***** badass with his ’45, loaded, ready to blow your fu***** head off!

Motorcyclist: For traffic? Bumper to bumper traffic and you’re mad? I would knock you the f*** out if you weren’t such a p****!

Driver: Do it, do it! I would blow your fu***** head off!

Motorcyclist: You’re a p**** with a gun!

Driver: Damn right, I’m a p**** with a ’45!

Motorcyclist: Put that gun down, you’re a p****!

Driver: Yes, I’m a p****, p**** with a ’45!

Motorcyclist: I’ll knock your bitch ass out, get out of the fu***** car!

Driver: Argh!

Motorcyclist: Fu***** bitch!

Driver: ROAR!

Motorcyclist: Look at this guy with a gun, look at him! Yeah, what you gonna do?

Driver drives away.

Motorcyclist: Yeah, that’s what I thought.

What did you think of that? Check out the next video for more!