A Simulator App That Can Your Car Sound Like A V8 Muscle Car

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Ever wanted a muscle car but cannot afford one? Well you might be one of those who are willing to take desperate action just for the sake of having an insane sounding car! In this video, we will witness how this interesting DragFX OBD II Synthetic Engine Sound Simulator Audio application works! DragFx works in coordination with an OBD WIFI / Bluetooth Dongle sending information to your Iphone or Ipod or Android device thus creating a muscle car engine sound. This sound will match the RPM in real time. This app will certainly make your car sounds like a V8 Muscle car without the need of extreme modification! The only thing here is that even though the car sounds great, the performance will still be the same! Will you ever consider using this app too?

That was pretty crazy. Wait until you see this next video below...