7.3 Powerstroke And Cummins Pulling Out Stuck Duramax

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Ford pulling a Dodge and a Chevy with a trailer? Well, at least that’s how we see it from this video. What you can see from this video are three legendary American muscle trucks but in an awkward situation, two of them got stuck on the mud and other one must pull them off. 6speed 7.3 Powerstroke on MTZs and a 12v on BFG ATs pullin out a Duramax on BFG ATs. The Dodge and Chevy were both stuck in the mud. The Duramax had a 16ft dump trailer attached to it and has a dump insert. What they did here is that they hooked the dodge up first but since it would only pull a few feet before it would start spinning and lose traction, they added another truck which is located on a more solid ground. Watch them in action below.

Crazy!! Be sure to check the out next video below.