Mercedes Benz Concept Vehicle For The Playstation 3 Video Game Gran Turismo 6 Is One Eye Catching Masterpiece!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Anyone who has played racing video games understands the realistic advancements being put into the super cars they use in their games. Major car company’s create incredible concept vehicles for video games that many if us only dream of driving in real life. Now Mercedes is creating a magnificent visionary concept for the new PlayStation 3 racing game Gran Turismo 6 and it is quite literally the car of everyone’s dreams. The Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo features gullwing doors and some seriously sensuous curves giving this concept a look like no other vehicle. The super car was revealed at the Mercedes-Benz Research and Development Center near San Jose, California and we get the ultimate pleasure of seeing the car in all of it’s amazing glory! Click the video below to check it out!

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