3000HP TT Camaro Slams Into Sand Pit After 200MPH Run At Rocky Mountain Race Week

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Doug Cline has got himself one BEAUTIFUL twin turbo Camaro drag racer. This 3,000 horsepower American muscle car was having some difficulties at the Rocky Mountain Race Week after he had driven it 350 miles to get to the event and more than 1300 miles in the preceding few weeks. So Cline was giving it some test runs on the strip, which got it up to nearly 200 miles per hour. Sadly though, Cline did not pop the parachute at the end of the run so the 3000HP TT Camaro just kept on going until it slammed to a stop in the gravel and sand pit at the far end of the dragstrip. This filled the Camaro’s turbos full of sand.



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