2000HP UGR Lambo Gallardo Vs. 900WHP Nissan GT-R Vs. BMW S1000RR Vs. 1400WHP Supra Vs. Kawasaki ZX10R

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

You might have thought: why blacklisted rides? Well, sometimes the human genius surpasses the borders of engineering, goes beyond unthinkable imagination, and compressing so much power in one metal box! The message here is clear, these are hell of a machines, the speed bullets ready to melt the asphalt with single press of the throttle. These ones will blow your mind with their power, but imagine yourself sitting on the front passenger seat in Underground Lambo Gallardo which is pumped to 2000 horsepower! But that’s not all, imagine the Lamborghini racing against BMW S1000RR. So, let’s consider this scenario, the aforementioned machines are sweating their engines to point where they are screaming nasty, suddenly the race interrupt the Japanese Ninja, yeah, Kawasaki ZX10R and beat them. From aside is watching another Japanese Beast, yeah, what illegal street race would be if in a race doesn’t participate Nissan GT-R, but with some extra muscles on it, strengthened to 900 horsepower. The rest of the story needs to be watched, because the race joined also another proven Japanese monster, Toyota Supra. Let the hell begin.

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