1960 Chevy Nova Get Restored With A Sizzling New Look!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Barry White of Wrecks To Riches used to restore various muscle cars from Chevrolet Bel Air to Plymouth Road Runner but in this episode, he decided to give his team a little surprise. Barry came up with an idea to restore a race car. Barry White revealed that he is a racing fan himself and he and his wife had so many memories during their courting days about participating in a series of drag races. They decided to unearth a 1960 Chevy Nova and give it a sizzling new look (that includes the performance upgrades). One thing that worries Barry is that few people from the auction will appreciate a race car but things went far from what he expect. Will he find a good buyer from this super muscle car or will it give Barry White a disappointing result? Check this video below to find out.

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