1953 Ford C750 With1930 Model A “Hogie Shine Hauler” Is An Eye Catcher In SEMA 2015

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

SEMA 2015 showcased a lot of great cars. We have seen those incredible newly launched cars from different car manufacturers. We have seen those epic custom cars, muscle cars and some other crazy vehicles. Int his video, Scottie will take us back to the event to feature probably one of the most eye catching hot rods.┬áIt is classic 1930 Model A car that is being hauled by a 1953 Ford COE Hauler aptly named as “”Hogie Shine Hauler” since Hogie Shine Paint Body Fab of Arizona is the one responsible for its unique paint job. It’s really hard to take your eyes off from this wonderfully restored vehicle. It is a certified eye catcher during the event! Take a closer look at the cars below.

Wait. What!? Check out the below video for more crazyness!