1931 Ford Model A VS 2015 Hellcat Challenger! Battle Of Two Worlds!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Nothing is more exciting than putting two cars from two different era on a battle on a street. In this video, we will witness a battle of two worlds, a 1931 Ford Model A goes head to head against 2015 Hellcat Challenger. Which of these cars will stand out and which will outrace which? The 1931 Ford Model A is sported a big block engine with healthy shots of nitrous while the Hellcat Challenger is all stock which is said to generate 707horsepower. The race started out pretty insane and nobody is expecting a huge lead from the 1931 Model A. It cam out very unsurprising but the Hellcat managed to catch up in the end. It was an incredible battle though! Check both of these cars in action below.

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