14-Year-Old Destroyed Mustang And Residential Garage!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Spoiled kids are a constant fountainhead of trouble, since they demand so many things too soon! Is a 14-year-old kid responsible enough to drive a car? The answer is obvious; no! However, a father bought his son a brand new Mustang! Mustang’s power is untamable, so a youngster cannot handle it! It didn’t take long before the kid crashed, destroying the residential garage and the car itself! US teenagers are allowed to drive at 16 years old, so driving a car at 14 is illegal and the youngster should have been prosecuted! Why did his father give a 14-year-old kid the keys? The cherry on the cake was the kid’s complain about his bike, which was destroyed after the crash. Don’t worry John, you will get a new bike, but your father will kill you when you are asleep!

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