1500HP Twin Turbo Gen-V Viper Killin’ All Drag Racers At 1/2 Mile Shoot-Out In Clayton, GA

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

The Heaven’s Landing Airstrip is one heck of a drag racing spot. Located in Clayton Georgia, this de facto drag racing strip plays host to awesome drag racing events such as the storied 1/2 Mile Shoot-Out Drag Race put on by the gals and guys over at WannaGoFast. This most recent event featured all sorts of great cars to include a asphalt melting 1500-horsepower twin turbo Gen-V Viper that absolutely slays other street racing 1200hp sports cars and muscle cars! Oh, the 1500-horsepower TT Viper is so fast it set the 1/2 mile speed record!


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