Yamaha R1 In The Hands Of A Squid= Trouble!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

This is another squid which tries to tame a R1. In other words, it’s a mission impossible! You have to start riding with a bicycle, then with a 125cc bike and then with a R1. Riding is a privilege, which goes hand in hand with a promise to ride respectfully and not endanger innocent people’s lives. Popping wheelies is a flagrant abuse of this privilege!  Some riders take foolish risks which will lead them sooner or later to a crash. Some have to pay f with their life, while others have to pay a lot of bucks. Hopefully, this killer only killed his precious R1. This is why so many karts have a R1 engine! There are stupid riders who wreck their bike!

That was pretty crazy. Wait until you see this next video below...