You Will Not Believe The Lamborghini Trumpventador That Rolled Up To The White House!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

With all of the presidential campaigning going on there are passionate people from all spectrum’s siding with their chosen candidate. Among some of the most outwardly passionate are those who are siding with Donald Trump. In this video we are taken to Washington DC where one Lamborghini Aventador owner is showing his passion for the unpredictable candidate in a way you will not believe! Instead of giving the car a patriotic paint job, this owner completely transformed his Aventador into a Trumpventador, or as he calls it, “The Trump Train”! The Trump’d out car makes it’s way to the GR8 Goldrush Rally at the White house and definitely turns heads and demands attention, must like the GOP candidate himself! To check out the wild ride click the video below!

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