Watch This Awesome and Unbelievable Saves Done By Monster Trucks!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Considering how huge these monster trucks are, we might always thought that these cars will often stumble or tip over when they do some complicated tricks or stunts. However, in this video, you will start to realized how amazing these monster trucks are and so as their drivers. This video will compile the 2008 Save of the Year nominees for Monster Jam event. Some of the names here were not so new and they were able to establish their own fame in the industry and these saves will make you convince why. Including here is George Balhan’s black Escalade, Charlie Pauken’s Grave Digger, Don Frankish’ Jurassic Attack and Paul Cohen’s El Toro Loco. Watch their unbelievable and seemingly unimaginable tricks that surely wows the crowd!

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